Garner Road 2020

Kaleb Scott – Once he enters the game he brings rough and tough to the lineup, with his length and physical play when he is on the floor he scores in the paint at a very high rate.

Vernon Fraley Jr. – A nimble athletic Swiss Army knife of a player, strong rebounder and talented enough to put the ball on the floor and score from the perimeter.

Mekhi Townes – Townes affects the game in many ways with his superior footwork in the post yet he has a gift of being able to knock down the 15 footer or fade away 10 footer.

Day’ron Sharpe – This  young man brings attributes of a high level player on both ends  , will block a shot on one end and also posses the skill set to take it coast to coast and finish on the other end.

Daveon Dunn – I would dare to say one of the best on ball defenders in this class , his defense is tenacious and he is also one of the most efficient scorers on the team  I would say he is the perfect glue guy.

Wesley Case – An electric athlete in the mold of the old school players, he attacks the basket with reckless abandon while at the same time playing the passing lane to snag a steal with a thunderous dunk on the opposite end.

Carson McCorkle – High lever scorer at each level he also possesses a sneaky 1st step with the athleticism that would surprise many of his frame he will wind up being one of the most efficient scorers in his class.

Tre Waller – A guard that can dot the defensive zone with a 3 pt dagger as his rugged build allows him to punish defenders on the way to the rim in transition.

Brian Keith JR. – One of the most dynamic guards in the state of NC in the class has the energy of a UCLA Westbrook on both ends he is the type of player exciting to watch in transition or in the half court set.

Djimon Bailey – Mr. smooth can control the game with his high IQ and makes an effort to keep his teammates in scoring positions  , but do not be fooled if you leave him open his long range shot is good  he is talented enough to play either guard position.

DeMarcus Elliott – Being a pg at times can be tough , yet this guy makes it look easy  whether  his precision passing  or him slicing defenses as he attacks the paint  , as a guard his biggest weapon is his off the dribble pull up much like a sniper you won’t see it coming


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