Summer Tour: North Lincoln takes aim at South Fork 2A, looking for breakthrough season

LINCOLNTON - It hasn't taken newly hired head football coach Steven Pack long to change gears and shift the North Lincoln football program in a new direction.  Not only will the Knights be abandoning the Single Wing offensive attack for a new spread system that features more passing, they'll also be shifting into a new league as they drop from the 3A to the 2A ranks and enter the South Fork Conference
Over the past few seasons, North's declining enrollment put them at a disadvantage when competing in the 3A/4A North Piedmont Conference, but optimism is high that they'll be on a much more level playing field in the South Fork Conference. 
While they'll no longer have to deal with the likes of 4A Mooresville and Lake Norman, the road won't be much easier as they'll have to start contending with 2A powers Lincolnton, East Lincoln, Maiden, and Newton-Conover
Check out the video below of my conversation today with Pack and get his insight on how he feels about his team heading into the 2017 season. 

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