Job Openings Around the State

Berea High School
Blackville-Hilda High School
Blue Ridge High School (?)
Blythewood High School
Calhoun County High School
Crescent High School
Eau Claire High School
Lake Marion High School
Orangeburg Wilkinson High School
Southside High School

(I am not sure if Eau Claire is still open as it is not posted anymore but have heard nothing on that job. CA Johnson was also open but not posted anymore; I'll try to follow up on those this week if I can get someone in that district to respond.)

(The rumor mill consists of bits and pieces we've heard from around the state. The "*" beside each rumor is related to how reliable of a source we've heard the rumor from. One (*) is simply a rumor we've heard from someone with no validating information to go with it. Two (**) means it came from a reliable source and the information checked out to be sound in terms of circumstances surrounding it. Three (***) means it came from a very reliable source and there is some validating information that gives it some traction as a probably truth.

Orangeburg-Wilkinson (**) We are hearing that this job is going to come down to either Kevin Crosty (Bamberg-Ehrhardt), Chris Carter (Edisto) or Justin Danner (Lee Central). My own personal speculation is that Danner would be third man out and this will come down to Crosby or Carter. I'm not sure why Crosby would want to leave B-E but we shall see what happens. Also in this mix, I would think that if it is Carter from Edisto that Tommy Brown's  name may come up at Edisto.

The Gaffney Saga (**) So the fact is that Dan Jones has SAID he is not retiring. That's what he's told everyone. Although someone very close to him has told friends he is. So speculation is that he is saying he's not retiring and going to hold out until after contracts  or too late to try to go outside for a hire so the Tribe will have to promote from within, at the very least as an interem. I'm not positive that will work, though. Bob Hanna did the same thing to Irmo a few seasons aog and it backfired as the admin STILL went outside for their hire.

The BIG RUMOR (***) Notice this has three stars. I have heard that a school in the upstate is going to file an injuntion against the SCHSL claiming discriminatory practdice related to the realignment. If this injunction flies, look for all schools to remain in the current alighnment for another year; if that happens, I don't see anything changing for two seasons when they would normally do the realignment. This came from a very reliable source and more than a handful of AD's I spoke to this weekend confirmed that they had heard the same thing.

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