Jeff Chapman and Dynamic Fitness presents Strength Clinic

Jeff Chapman and Dynamic Fitness & Strength will present a first of its kind strength clinic on April 1st at South Pointe High School in Rock Hill.  This is certain to be a "can't miss" event for the strength and football coach that will focus on increasing speed, strength, preventing injuries, and methods for incorporating your strength training into your football program. 
Learn hands-on from Tom Barry exactly how the Westside Barbellâ„¢ methodology and specialized equipment will directly impact and improve every aspect of your strength program. Then gain new insights on concussion prevention from Mark Asanovich as he discusses the importance of isolating and training both the strap muscles of the neck, and the capital muscles of the head.
Mark will demonstrate the new Head & Neck Isolatorâ„¢ machine designed specifically for this purpose. Finally, dive into the world of neuromuscular therapy as John Quint explains Joint Assessment For Coaches, Athletic Injury Rehabilitation and Exercise Selection for Optimal Rehabilitation.
Location:  South Pointe High School - 801 Neely Rd., Rock Hill, South Carolina 29730
Price: $99

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