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2017 NCHSAA Realignment


Woodmont V JLMann

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#1 WildcatMom



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Posted 10 January 2018 - 09:24 PM

.....Asking for a friend..... what constitutes a certified scale???

Yes-I’m “just a Wrestling mom. Many do not give Wrestling moms that have skin in the game for a decade or more enough credit. I know what I know.... but-bc of the situation I’m gonna throw this out here (the whole scenario) and wait for everyone’s reply. Seriously though....I want everyone’s feedback and thoughts on this.

Tonight, Woodmont had a region match against JL Mann. Yep-new rankings have us in the top 20. We deserve to be there. Several ranked boys (5/14) and at least a few more that were favored to win. Well. Woodmont LOST to JL Mann 42-39. BUT LEMME GO THROUGH THE SCENERIO WITH YOU ALL and genuinely ask you what each of you would have done and what could have been done differently.

Just as all other teams do, our line up checked weights before leaving the school. Each and every single kid was AT LEAST 1/2 pound UNDER weight. Several 1 pound under. We arrive to JL Mann HS to weigh in and we have SIX boys miss weight and 3 made it by the skin of their teeth. Thus, we had to shift our line up an entire weight class across the board-some giving up nearly 20 lbs. we had to scratch a weight class as well which was a 12 point swing in JL Mann’s favor-sketchy at best. Here’s the deal. It’s not uncommon for a wrestler to miss weight. Like ONE wrestler on an entire team.... BUT 6!?? Not to mention ALL OF JL MANNs boys wrestled their respective weight class. Add insult to injury there was NOT an official present at weigh in. When the assistant coach and team captain attempted to challenge the scale w a 10lb weight JL Mann’s coaches flat out refused to allow us to “check the scale.” Like literally both stood in front of it?? Sketchy. We chalked it up to a challenging match and attempted to move forward. Well-the crooked saga continues. They had their guy “washing the mats” while the Home team was warming up in the aux gym. So long and so much that a Woodmont coach grabbed the mop to finish the job after they mopped the mats three times over preventing WHS from warming UP. The kid came off the mat apologizing to several other JL Mann guys about he took as long as he could...!? Again, crooked. Half way through the Duals match the HOME TEAM quit taking score on the main board and left it 0-10 the entire time? Strategic? Hell yes it was.... It was left up to a guess if we had enough points to win BY decision or major decision.

Our entire team returned back to OUR “CERTIFIED” SCALES and all weighed in AFTER hydrating up and each and everyone made the correct weight classes.

We lost. It sucks to lose. Sucks for the boys that work really hard and for teams that fall short by a few points. It’s my opinion this was a crooked job by the JL Mann coaches. Say what you will. I’m not hiding behind the internet bc I’m telling y’all I’m a Wildcat Mom! JL Mann set this up for an advantage and succeeded. I don’t think we can change this outcome of a region loss at this point. Should have been done prior to start of the match. But hey-I’m just a simple Wrestling mom right!!?? Please let me know your thoughts!!?? I have broad shoulders.

#2 GDG


    Wrestling Correspondent

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Posted 11 January 2018 - 09:11 AM

I don’t think our local coaches would have continued with the match after the weighin. Where was your head coach when all this occurred? First it’s not official with a ref not present and I think you can challenge the scales. At NC regionals they have two sets of scales and some coaches watch for a sweet spot to position yourself while standing on the scales. You get two chances to step on the scales.

If all you say is true it’s smells like pure unprofessionalism. Cleaning the mat is always done well before the match and not after a practice by one team. If your coach doesn’t challenge the weighin there is nothing that can be done now. Although it was unprofessional all this falls on the head ref who wasn’t present. I would file a complaint with the association against the referee agency who has the local contract for the matches.

#3 Scoot Watson

Scoot Watson


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Posted 11 January 2018 - 09:30 AM

7 pins can't lose! 

#4 Wizzer



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Posted 11 January 2018 - 10:09 PM

Hah. Well Mr Watson.... can’t fight off 7 pins as easy when you cheat the scales and entire line up shifts up. Our 170 who weighs 165 wrestled 184!!! Was a BS and crooked moved. Just saying.