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2017 NCHSAA Realignment


Mount Tabor Scrimmage

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#1 Chute Boxe Hero

Chute Boxe Hero

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Posted 10 August 2017 - 02:05 PM

It's been moved to 6:00 pm tonight.  Teams include East Forsyth, NW Guilford, Reagan, West Stokes, North Forsyth, and of course Mount Tabor.  

#2 ram4life


    JV Team

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Posted 11 August 2017 - 01:43 PM

A great night full of great competition. Tabor looked big and have some tall athletes. The big TE is hugh and they like to flank him out wide. Tabor jv also looked solid as well. Reagan was pretty decent but has a lot to make up for with losing there QB. Didn't see Reagan's jv.  East started slow but you can tell they will be a force to be reckon with. East jv is hugh as well and has great numbers out.  Parkland was bigger than they have been in the past on the line.  Parkland's jv was average but they might get a boost with whichever freshman loses the battle to be the QB on varsity. North Forsyth has a decent sized offensive line and there running back is terrific. NF jv was small but has some athletes and a decent QB. Carver  was hugh on varsity and jv. Held there own against NF and Tabor. W-S Prep's varsity team had some size at the skill position and the QB is a great athlete that can also throw it. They will make some noise come conference time. Oak Grove had there first taste of football action and they have some good looking kids but not any great athletes. Overall a great showcase of talent in the triad area. Football should be a lot of fun this year!!! Anyone else have any thoughts???

#3 Chute Boxe Hero

Chute Boxe Hero

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Posted 12 August 2017 - 01:45 PM

It was a great night of comp.  Great crowd too.  Felt like a carnival at times.  Hate that I didn't win the raffle.  Here's what stood out to me.....


East Forsyth-Freaking huge.  Might be the biggest team I've seen all summer.  Looked strong on defense in both this and Parkland jambo.  I think their offense will be the main question mark.  What's ironic about that statement is they had no trouble moving the ball against NW Guilford.  QB didn't have a good showing at Parkland but looked a lot better at Tabor.  They got a couple of nice potential playmakers.  What's very interesting is that the backup QB didn't look too shabby.  He came in and threw back-to-back long TD's against NW.  I feel as if EF has a fairly good shot at a state title......if they go small.  


Mount Tabor- They could be in the thick of things come late November.  Good size, good athletes. Whitehart is a hoss at TE.  Had another tall target at wideout (#3).  Their QB looked good too.  He was pretty slick with the ballfakes.  Also liked their scatback (#25).  I feel the same way about Tabor that I do about EG.  I think their overall success will be predicated by how well they do on the defensive side of the ball.  Line play will be very key for them if they want to challenge/beat Dudley. 


Parkland-Was fun to watch.  Did fairly well against EF, better against Reagan.  They've got some beef on the o-line.  They've also got two guys (#'s 4 and 19) that you don't want to see in open space.  I was real impressed with #4 especially.  #88 could end up being a good receiver for them.  #2's a pretty good linebacker.  At worst, I think they'll finish fourth in their conference.  Could sneak up on someone come playoff time. 


Reagan-looked alright.  Got some speed and some decent receivers.  Was impressed with their linebackers.  They're intense and they'll go get you.  Small across the board.  Don't know what to think of them.  Not sure they have what it takes to challenge WF/EF.  Should be fun to watch though.  Their game with Glenn, I have a feeling, will be really exciting. 


NW Guilford-these guys are going to be real fun to watch on offense.  Turner and Cloud are nice weapons.  Huge O'line.  Didn't have much trouble moving the ball against EF.  Don't know about that defense though.   If they get that shored up, they could be rather interesting. 


North Forsyth-didn't see much of these guys.  Looked like an average team.  Had pretty decent size on the lines.  Good sized QB.  Could they upset a Parkland/SWG?  I think they have a fair chance.  Be interesting to see how they end up.


Carver-looked alright against both NF and Tabor.  Looked to be primarily run-oriented (with some of the tightest splits I've ever seen).  I was real impressed with their defensive ends (#50 and #60).  Especially 60.  Tabor was doubling him a good portion of the time.  Carver might be interesting come November.  


Winston-Salem Prep-some pretty good size for a 1A bunch.  #4 was very impressive for them.  He has the makings of a pretty good football player.  Prep looked real soft against the run though.  I'm not sure where they end up.  


Oak Grove-don't know.  Didn't see them.  


Off topic, but I hate whoever designed Tabor's stadium.  From a spectator's standpoint, it's awesome.  For a middle-aged/old man's standpoint, it's El Terrible.  They've got the bathrooms on the extreme opposite side of the stadium as the concessions.  You have to walk to Yadkin County just to get to the restroom.