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2017 NCHSAA Realignment


J.M. Robinson, A Flash in the Pan? or Has the Worm Turned?

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#1 Friday Nights in K-Town

Friday Nights in K-Town

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Posted 28 December 2016 - 06:38 PM

Since the conclusion of the 2016 high school football season, I can't help but contemplate as we re enter the 3A classification if the landscape has changed just a bit over the last four years in the SPC? Before the Wonders left the SPC 3A in 2013 it was pretty much a given that the SPC title would come down between Kannapolis and Concord in some form or fashion as it had been since the beginning of time it seems like, and very few would disagree with that assessment. For well over four decades the SPC 3A conference has been dominated by the two powers of that conference in Kannapolis and Concord. But I have to wonder after the chain of events that has taken place in the SPC if that could very well be a thing of the past. 


Since Hickory Ridge very shockingly captured the SPC 3A title in 2012 after uncharacteristically defeating both Kannapolis and Concord that season, it seemed as if the status quo was in for an overhaul. Of course there has always been some pests you had to get by in the way of a few teams in the SPC over the years ie: West Rowan, Central Cabarrus, and Hickory Ridge, and a few others, but now that these teams are now removed from the conference, and the SPC reduced to just a six team league in 2017, one would have to think that once again the title would come back down to those two mainstays in the SPC, however, nobody ever factored in the J.M Robinson Bulldogs after they pretty much became the whipping boys of the conference since the school opened in 2001.


Since the school's inception in 2001, the Bulldogs have only recorded five winning seasons over a 16 year stretch. The Bulldogs overall record over sixteen seasons is a dismal 72-113 giving them a 38.9% overall winning percentage. The Bulldogs just never seemed to be a factor in deciding anything other than when you would put your second team in during a contest, that is until the last two years and the entrance of head coach Joe Glass to the equation in 2014. Over the last two seasons, Glass has built what could possibly be considered one of the finest and most solid core of assistant coaches in the SPC to date, which is a must if you plan on having a successful football program. Along with those staff additions, Glass has brought in a new unified attitude to the program that the Bulldogs seem to be buying into. I never thought I would say this, but a person of average intelligence would have to ask themselves if the J.M. Robinson football program is becoming a better, more attractive proposition than Concord High, who use to share in the talent pool that JMR took over in 2001, and the talent seems to be improving in that region of Cabarrus County, and what's more it's being developed by the Robinson staff.


In the last three seasons, Glass has taken the lowly Bulldogs out of the cellar from the bowels of the MECKA 4A, and built them into a real 3A contender who has gone a combined 18-8 in those two years since re entering the 3A classification in 2015, making the state 3A playoffs the last two seasons back to back. Unheard of for the Robinson football program. In addition, they claimed the SPC 3A Championship over the Concord Spiders who have all but dominated the SPC since the departure of A.L. Brown in 2013. Could a new sheriff really be in town? That's not out of the realm of possibility, and I remind you that the Robinson Bulldog JVs went undefeated in 2016 to add to a very experienced group of Varsity Bulldogs who got a taste for what championship football was like in their 2016 campaign.


It's just possible that the old guard in the SPC might have to accept a new face to contend with for supremacy within the conference from now on, and if that's the case, and there is a shift in attraction from the proven formula of CHS football to the new and more "Family" brand of JMR football, then the old guard may be in for a rude awakening in years to come. When the 2017 season commences in August, the Robinson Bulldogs will enter the fray as the defending SPC 3A champs for the first time in program history. That just might be all the incentive the Bulldogs need to push them past where they left off in 2016. Once you get a taste of success, it's hard to settle for anything less!! 





#2 GDG


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Posted 28 December 2016 - 09:33 PM

I remember going to a summer AAU event my kids were in 2005. The school had more school room trailers than a Catawba County trailer park. Poor planning to out grow the school a few years later. The area has grown into Charlotte with housing going up everywhere. I'm not surprised at the football success as they have excelled in basketball and wrestling as well.

They have hurt the Concord Spiders talent pool for certain. Football has caught up to the other sports programs at Robinson. Smart move getting back to 3A instead of waiting. Should create excitement for getting better numbers in summer practice.

One has to wonder if Glass stays or interviews for one of the new openings. With his success the time is right to seek a one or two high school system with an increased salary. Robinson is also reaping the fruits of a good youth system from about six years ago till now.



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Posted 29 December 2016 - 09:46 AM

Speed kills, you either got it or you are chasing it!!! and more speed is moving in around the race track :)

#4 hbnw


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Posted 29 December 2016 - 10:14 AM

I would say that a move to the SPC equaled more success for the Bulldogs. If JMR would have been in MECKA 7 they would have been at best 5th behind Mallard Creek, Hough, Vance, and AL Brown. JMR did well to win league but it was not an easy fight and could have very easily finished 4th to Concord, Hickory Ridge, and West Rowan.  I would not be willing to label JMR the next big thing, but they are improved and Coach Glass has done a good job.  I think a run a good players and a more forgiving league has helped.  Time will tell.

#5 Unc4life


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Posted 29 December 2016 - 06:02 PM

As long as Glass is there they will be good. With that being said Concord had them whooped in my opinion, then a play calling mistake which would have probably given CHS a 21-3 lead let them back in. As for HR''s title they say if you can't say something nice.... As far as Concord we'll be fine. I expect Concord will be right in the mix in late October when it's title deciding time. On another note Robinson will probably be impacted a good bit in 2019 when the new school on Weddington road opens so they probably better enjoy the prosperity while they can.