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Most Important Election in Your Lifetime

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#1 Slashman


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Posted 06 June 2015 - 10:31 PM

I am a major election buff (would love to be a Tim Russert type guy on TV somehwere,) and I love to do #'s and all that. My first election where I could vote was 2012 and it wasn't the most exciting in the world.


But in all your days, which election year would you say was both your favorite and most important in your time?

#2 Slashman


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Posted 08 June 2015 - 03:05 PM

Another thing I also think about with President's & their policies, some are strong with domestic policy & some are very good with foreign policy. It seems rare to be strong on both fronts. Thankfully, it is also rare to be weak on both.
Today's 24/7 news world also makes elections far more about charisma than substance. The ability to articulate & present yourself well and also get the great sound clip is far more important than substantive policy or platform. This is unfortunate. It's more about who we like than who would do a good job. Also, without financial backing, campaigns are DOA.


That reminds me of something my great grandmother used to say. Granted she was an old school country woman but she nailed it to the point: 

"When a Republican is elected you don't have to worry about anyone bothering or bombing us, but expect times around here to be bad. When a Democrat is elected expect time around here to be better but he won't be strong against our enemies."


That has been true since I been here anyways give or take Clinton. He was strong in foreign policy in a lot of places but he made mistakes (ie Bin laden.) 

#3 Chris Hughes

Chris Hughes

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Posted 08 June 2015 - 03:14 PM

I know it's unpopular to say, but I say once everything is said and done, George W. Bush should be commended for the job he did and should be viewed much more positive for his work than negative way he was when he left office.  Already 7 years after the fact, his approval ratings are as high as they ever were.  That's what distance from the Oval Office can do for you.


This is a huge election coming up.  I'm all for a woman president, and I'm not against a black man as president either, but Hillary isn't the right choice for us as a nation.  

#4 Slashman


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Posted 08 June 2015 - 05:32 PM

True. I remember in the 80's it was chic to have the rebels of Afghanistan as heros in movies. Rambo 3 and the Living Daylights made them look pretty. Rambo 3 actually called them freedom fighters and brave hearts they of course edited that out since.


I agree I love Dubya. I would love to meet him one day and tell him what a privlage it was to have him as our President in those rough days. He made his mistakes sure (Iraq, Katrina, Cheney as VP,) but he did a lot to help us when we needed it. He made sure we were safe from attacks again, he gave us those rebate checks (like my mom said "No one else sure cared enough to give us a check. It took an act of congress but I know he was the cause of it",)  and he just truely cared about things. He loved the soilders and did his best to support them and he took the brunt of the frustrations from the famlies like a man. 
Obama's biggest problem is to me he seems distant from stuff. Sure he tries to act like he is the center of everything but he doesn't seem as caring about the military as Bush was. Biden is but I don't think Obama is. Plus ever noticed he's never gave an oval office speech? That's always bothered me. I'm not saying he's not a decent guy I think he is to a point but he's not as enthusiastic in some regards that he should be.

#5 Slashman


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Posted 08 June 2015 - 05:36 PM

As for elections in my lifetime I have only been here for 5 of them: 96, 00, 04,  08, and 12. 
96 I remember very little about because I was only 3 then. I remember nothing about 
the state and senate races but rememeber somewhat about the President race. I seen 
the Simpsons halloween special and they did the skit about the aliens kidnapping 
and cloning Dole and Clinton. One of their better bits and it just stood out. I 
remember asking my folks who they were and that was the first time I recollect that I knew who the President was.
2000 I remember a little more but I mostly didn't watch the news. I did watch  election night on channel 12 with Brokaw and Russert and remember seeing the computer map lighting up and Tim's whiteboard. I was 7 then. I remember pulling for  Dubya due to my folks supporting him. My dad didn't like Gore due to his wimpyness.
2004 was the first race I kept track with. I remember being worried that Kerry would win due to picking Edwards but my folks were like "He won't win, don't worry about it." Kerry was terrible. He was bland, boring, preppy, and aloof. He was the second coming of Michael Dukakis but about as worse. We always called him Herman Munster because he was a dead ringer for him. I knew Bush would win but we were all suprised on how close it was. A lot of that's due to the liberals and the Dems starting their machine up which owned in 08. This was also the start of the Reps's 
machine not handling their base well.
As for the senate race I liked Burr and found Bowles as wimpy as Gore was. House I liked Harrell over Foxx, and Governor I supported Easley. We voted at my middle school and I voted for all of them. Bush and Burr won but Ballentine beat Easly and Foxx won. I just didn't like her that year for some reason.
2008 was when I truely got the politcal bug and have been an addict ever since. It started after Russert died, I like to think I got a trace of his spirit in me somewhere ;)  I really got into it around August and when I tore my knee up and my season ended I focused equally on Football and politics. I wasn't crazy aout obama so I supported McCain. I supported Republican all around.
In hindsight I still would have voted for McCain and McCrory but I would have went with Hagan and Carter for the house. Especially since I knew he was North Surry's coach for a year, I didn't then.
2012 was the first time I voted. I ended up going with Obama as I felt he was doing alright and a vote for Romney would be a major regression. Romney felt too cliche of a canidate for me. He was everything a coinservative republican wants but he just wansn't right for it. He wasn't that sucessful as a Governor either. Plus I just got that bad vibe and that matters to me.Governor wise I voted for McCrory, House for Coble. 
I guess I'd say 2008 was the most important of my lifetime due to what we had on the line. 2000 was epic due to the mess.

#6 Slashman


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Posted 08 June 2015 - 09:19 PM

Dang. Hunt was a good guy he could have been a decent senator. He ran against Helms in the wrong year 84 was Reagan's tide year. 1990 or so he could have won. Trivia: he was the 4th longest serving Governor since Reconstruction nationwide.


Closest I come to seeing Easily was his office on a tour in 2006, he seemed like a good guy I guess.