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2017 NCHSAA Realignment

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#1 Chris Hughes

Chris Hughes

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Posted 13 November 2014 - 09:30 PM

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#2 Barkn Orange Dog

Barkn Orange Dog

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Posted Yesterday, 07:41 PM

Chris, just wanted to help you with your coaches profile page on Warren County HS. I noticed that you didn't have any Alma Mata info on HC Coach Terrance McCormick. He graduated from Wallace-Rose Hill HS in 1995 where he was one of the star athletes on the 1994 2A State Championship team. I'm not sure where he went to college. I think Winston Salem State but not sure. I'll find out for sure and get back to you. I was in school with Coach McCormick from elementary thru high school. He's a great guy and at one time he held the record for the longest TD pass reception in the NC State Championship games (87 yards from QB Jason Brennon, 1994 WRH vs Lincolnton).



                 Football:1994 2A, 2009 1A, 2010 1A, 2014 1AA, 2015 1AA

                 Basketball (Men's) 1998 2A, 2006 1A

                 Soccer (Men's) 2013 1A, 2014 1A, 2016 1A              

                 Football:2001 1AA, 2004 1AA, 2005 1AA  

                 Basketball (Men's):1997 2A 


                 Football: 1982 2A