Chris Hughes’ Coaches Corner


“A coach will impact more lives in a year than most will affect in a lifetime.”

-Billy Graham

Being a coach is a special calling and a profession that is treated with the utmost respect. Like Rev. Billy Graham stated, a coach will impact more lives in a year than most will in a lifetime.

One of the primary initiatives that we take pride in at Carolina Preps is our relationship with coaches and the work we do to promote our coaches and provide education and resources to them.

The Carolina Preps Coaches Corner is a page devoted to providing coaching resources and access to a private, coaches-only discussion forum where coaches have the opportunity to privately discuss topics and issues pertaining to high school sports in the Carolinas. Coaching Resources

Coaches Moving Van  Up to date list of coaching changes.

Coaching Records Database  Active and non-active football coaching records.


Recommended Coaching Websites

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AFCA  American Football Coaches Association

NCFCA  North Carolina Football Coaches Association

NCCA  North Carolina Coaches Association

NCHSAA  North Carolina High School Athletic Association

SCHSL  South Carolina High School League

SCACA  South Carolina Athletic Coaches Association

SCFCA  South Carolina Football Coaches Association

USA Football  Football’s National Governing Body


Coaching Job Resources:

Football Scoop  Latest coaching changes and information.

Coaching Portfolio  Develop a professional coaching portfolio that will help you land that next job!

Eight Laces  Preparing coaches to be hired for the jobs of their dreams.

NCHSAA  Current Coaching Vacancies

SCHSL  Coaching Bulletin Board

GACA  Georgia Job Postings

VHSL  Virginia Coaching Vacancies

Coaches Directory  Clell Wade’s Coaches Directory


Coaching Resources: 

Hudl  We Help Coaches And Athletes Win.

Jerry Campbell Football  Coaching education and resources.

Coach Huey  The X’s & O’s of Football

Coach Hoover  Coaching education and resources.

Strong Football by CoachCP   Resource site including drills, schemes, and techniques.

Coaches Turf  Home of the Spinner Double Wing and Double Barrel Offenses  The Original Online Reference Guide to the Delaware Wing-T Football Offense

Coach Tim Murphy Double Wing & I Wing Offense

Option Football Know the Option. Run the Option.  Love the Option.

Football Playbook Online  Your Online Playbook Designer

Triple Option Academy  Triple Option Football

X&O Labs  A Football Research Company for Coaches

Smart Football  Analysis and Strategy by Chris

Joe Daniel Football Coach Simple.  Play Fast.  Win.

QBA Quarterback Academy  Coaching Football.  Building Men.

Tony DeMeo Football  Football Coaching Resources



OBX Clinic  OBX Football Coaches Clinic – Nags Head

Glazier Clinics  Football Coaching Clinics & Online Education

Football Clinics  Find the perfect football clinic for you

Nike Coach of the Year Clinic  It’s Kickoff Time With NIKE Coach of the Year Clinics



Palmetto Sports Fundraising



Hawg Tuff Camps and Challenges  The Hawg Tuff Offensive Line Experience


Recruiting & Scouting:

XOS Digital


What Coaches Say About Us

Richard Bailey – Head Coach at Scotland High School:  “As a high school football coach in North Carolina, is a source that I trust to have the latest and most accurate information pertaining to high school athletics.  Chris Hughes has always been professional and diligent in his quest to provide these services to high school coaches, athletes, and fans.  He has made himself an authority on high school sports in our state.  The fact that Chris is trustworthy and dependable has helped him create a site that is not only a great source of information, but a great source of pride for sports enthusiasts in North Carolina.”

Aaron Brand – Head Coach at Vance High School:  “Carolina Preps is a very informative site.  Chris Hughes and his staff do a great job of keeping the public up to date on all the latest happenings.  We as Coaches, very much appreciate the time and effort these guys invest in the state of high school football.  You guys are very much appreciated.  Thank you for all that you do.”

Josh Brooks – Head Coach at Franklin High School:  “Carolina Preps’ website provides football coaches throughout North and South Carolina The amount of time that has been invested is very evident. The information is up to date, and the stories and posts are very relevant. The blogs are monitored and a lot of fun to participate and view. I view daily the overall team pages, which include facility and stadium information and pictures, coaching records and stats, team schedules and results. In fact, I find this site to be as helpful as any football related site that I use. I am thankful for the time and effort that Chris Hughes and his staff put into Carolina Preps to make it a huge success.”

Jeremy Buck – Heritage High School:  “Chris is a coach that happens to have a website.  Chris understands the grind that coaches commit themselves, their families and their programs to on a year round basis.  Chris has always been an advocate for coaches, student athletes, communities and North Carolina High School Football.”

Jim Bob Bryant – Head Coach at North Paulding (Georgia) High School:  “Chis Hughes, in conjunction with Carolina Preps do a lot to help football in our state.  Being a former coach, Chris knows what is important to High School coaches in North Carolina and he does a great job promoting High School Football and the players in our state.  On a personal note, he is a good friend and also helped me find a Defensive Coordinator this spring.”

Mike Byus – Head Coach at Parkersburg (West Virginia) High School:   “Carolina Preps is an awesome publication!  Chris Hughes does a tremendous job working with the coaches in the state of North Carolina.  He’s always looking for neat stories about players and coaches in our state.  He goes the extra mile to to communicate with us to find out what’s going on with our players and our school.  Providing an excellent forum for coaches to discuss hot topics in our profession.  Hats off to Chris and Carolina Preps.”

Hal Capps – Head Coach at Seneca High School:  “I have been Coaching and teaching in North Carolina for 30 years and Carolina Preps is the first place I go when I am trying to research our opponents.  I have always found this site to be not only helpful, but entertaining, as I check out this site daily even during the off season.

I have witnessed many times that Carolina Preps is usually the first to report breaking news from the North Carolina High School Athletic Association; plus covering every sport in North Carolina as well.  Not only does our football staff use Carolina Preps daily, but almost every coach at Mooresville High School does likewise. I know  most coaches in the state read this web site if not daily, at least weekly.

Chris Hughes shows professionalism at all times and his ability to be flexible is unmatched.  He has a great interest in others, especially our youth.  His willingness to help kids is amazing!  Chris also has an understanding of community and pride that every town or city has.  Carolina Preps is the leader of high school athletic journalism.  Make no mistake about it, Chris loves his work and it shows.
The best way I can sum up my personal and professional opinion of Chris Hughes , is “he has my full trust”.”

Scott Chadwick – Head Coach at Myers Park High School:  “The work that Chris and Carolina Preps does to help to promote High School Football in North Carolina is critical.  They provide valuable exposure to what our coaches and players are doing and give all those involved with football in North Carolina an opportunity to be informed and discuss the news and issues of the day.”

Brett Chappell – Head Coach at Pisgah High School:  “With the way social media is today, it is hard for a coach to trust any message board with information that might jeopardize his team or cost him his job.  What Chris Hughes and Carolina Preps has done is given the high school coaches a safe place to be able to discuss things from promoting their players, asking about other teams, and even coaching job openings across the state.  Carolina Preps has even created a special forum just for the coaching fraternity.  Chris understands the pressures that come along with being a high school coach.  He is one of us and I am glad to call him a friend.”

Will Clark – Head Coach at James Kenan High School:  “Chris Hughes and his staff at Carolina Preps do a tremendous job promoting North Carolina high school football.  The exposure it self from Carolina Preps is top notch  and our players and coaches appreciate all you do for us.  Thank you for all you guys at Carolina Preps do.”

Robert Cody – Head Coach at Plymouth High School:  “Everyday I look on Carolina Preps to read the forums, it’s my newspaper of high school sports.  Like most coaches, we do what we do because of the passion for the game.  Carolina Preps is done because of the passion you have for the game.  Chris Hughes’ site give coaches like myself a chance to coach in the Shrine Bowl of the Carolinas.  Thanks for your site.”

Daniel Finn – Head Coach at Southeast Raleigh High School:  “Carolina Preps is a great resource for our sport and for our coaches.  It provides a lot of information about updates, camps, coaching vacancies, and numerous other topics that are very important to programs.  The website has been a great way for people all over to find out about other schools that are not in someones immediate area.  I can go to Carolina Preps and see what is going on with people from across the state and the great thing is that it’s all on one site.  Chris Hughes has done a great job with Carolina Preps.”

Maurice Flowers – Fayetteville State:  “A few years ago, the TV series Inside the NFL had a slogan: “It’s the show the players watch.”  That’s the strong reputation Chris Hughes & Carolina Preps has among the Carolina’s coaches: Carolina Preps is where the coaches go for football information.”


Pete Gilchrist – Head Coach at North Forsyth High School:  “I want to give thanks to Chris Hughes and Carolina Preps  for his continuing improvements to his site and his staff.  I mostly wanted to recognize his outstanding work with high school coaches over the years that I have known him.  I have known Chris for many years and his willingness to reach out to get to know you personally is second to none.  I firmly believe that the greatest things come about as a result of two or more people building working relationships toward the same goals.  LEADERSHIP is formed from that and Chris Hughes has that quality.”

David Green – Head Coach at Green Hope High School:  “Chris Hughes is one of the most knowledgeable and well-connected people associated with high school football in North Carolina.  His CarolinaPreps website includes thoughtful articles of interest to coaches and fans alike and both he and his site are go-to resources for coaches and fans. “

Ryan Habich – Head Coach at Watauga High School:  “I appreciate Chris Hughes’s dedication and willingness to help promote high school football in North Carolina.  Chris Hughes and Carolina Preps go above and beyond in helping out coaches and athletes in our state.  Along with helping out coaches and players,  Carolina Preps website has been a great resource for many fans following high school football in the state of North Carolina.”

Brian Hales – Head Coach at Butler High School:  “When it comes to the marriage of high school football and online content, no one does it better than Chris Hughes and the Carolina Preps team.  From school’s historical record data, to up-to-the-minute coaching changes, to open discussion forums, Carolina Preps knocks it out of the park in all facets.  One of the reasons Chris is so very well-respected in the coaching community is that he operates his site with a great deal of integrity.  As a coach, I value his site because it strips away all the fluff and provides something we all value – straightforward information without prejudice.  Chris has been a friend to our program and all programs throughout the state as he works relentlessly to raise the profile of North Carolina high school football.”

Tom Harper – North Iredell High School:  Carolina Preps has become the standard for promoting high school athletics and coaching in the Carolinas. Chris Hughes’ passion for high school football and coaches is so evident, and because of this passion, he has established a website that is first class and an unbelievable resource for everyone that shares in his passion.  As a coach and teacher for over 28 years, I’m thankful for his commitment and dedication to making the high school football experience unforgettable.”

DeVore Holman – Head Coach at West Caldwell High School:  “I have been blessed to know Chis Hughes a very long time, and can proudly say that he has been in coaches shoes and understand the ins and outs of what we do each and every day.  What Chris has created with Carolina Preps has been very informative and his staff does a great job promoting high school athletes and athletics.  I’m proud to say that I support Chris 100%.”

David Howle – Former Head Coach at Bunn High School:  “As a high school football coach for past 32 years, (28) in NC, what Chris Hughes and Carolina Preps does is something special for our state and high school football in NC! It is very informative and a great tool for high school coaches!  I know it is a thankless job and takes many hours but Carolina preps is second to none!  Chris does it not for the money but for his love of football!  We as high school coaches are lucky to have Carolina Preps!  Thanks Chris For all you do in promoting high school football in the state of NC!”

Donnie Kiefer – Head Coach at Green Sea-Floyds High School:  “I cannot say enough about Chris Hughes and the tremendous effort he puts in to  Chris is a former coach and understands the pressures and demands of the football coaching profession.  

He is an advocate for our sport and also a great source of information for high school football in the Carolinas.  The most impressive thing about Chris is his trustworthiness and loyalty.  In today’s world of social media, this is a big deal.  Chris will stand up for coaches and is quick to defend coaches who may be the target of unfair or unfounded criticism or rumor.”

Antonio King – Head Coach at Hargrave Military Academy:  “Carolina Preps is my go to site for the most up to date information on N.C. high school football and other sports.  Chris and his staff does an outstanding job with the content and is great guys well.”

Caleb King – Head Coach at Havelock High School:  “Carolina Preps is a great site for high school athletics in North Carolina.  It provides up to date and accurate information for fans and coaches.  Chris does a great job to keep the site positive and promote our student athletes and programs in North Carolina. Chris is a great ambassador for us as a former Coach himself trying to help current Coaches promote their programs.”

John Kirby – Head Coach at Eastern Alamance High School:  “Chris Hughes and Carolina Preps is one of the most reliable, informative sources of information  when it comes to high school preps.  Being a former coach, Chris knows the in’s and outs and the daily routines of a high school coach and the needs of what a coach is looking for.  He is well respected and sits at the top of his profession, this makes it convenient for a high school coach use Carolina Preps as a resource on a daily basis.”

Luke Little – Head Coach at Whiteville High School:  “What Chris Hughes has done with Carolina Preps has totally changed the profile of football in North Carolina.  Along with being very informative and available, his website brings and projects interest in high school football.”

Laymarr Marshal – Former Head Coach at Mt. Tabor High School:  “I cant think of anyone more passionate about high school football in the state of North Carolina than Chris Hughes. is undoubtedly one of the premiere sources for information, and an outstanding platform for coaches, players, and fans alike.  Chris Hughes is more than just a journalist.  He’s literally one of us.  As a guy who has worn the whistle, and taken on the everyday tasks of a high school coach, he understands the game, and its impact on local communities, from a number of different perspectives.  The work that he and his staff at Carolina Preps does for high school football in our state is invaluable.”

Wes Mattera – Athletic Director at John A. Holmes High School:  “From the beaches of Manteo to the mountains of Murphy,  the Carolina Preps staff is going above and beyond to publicize and protect the sport of football in N.C.  The website is an awesome tool that allows us a coaches to keep up with what is going on around the state regardless of what area you live in.  Lastly, Chris and his staff are serving as a voices and sounding boards for the great fraternity of coaches that we have in this state.” 

Chris Metzger – Head Coach at Pinecrest High School:  “Chris Hughes is not only an unbelievable person, he is a true advocate for kids.  His passion for the sport of football and helping see young high school student athletes be successful makes him and Carolina Preps one of the best web sites in the country. We are very blessed to have him in the state and I’m blessed to call him friend”

Joe Nixon – Head Coach at West Rowan High School:  “The work that Chris Hughes and the staff of do for high school football in the state of North Carolina is second to none.  Their dedication to high school football with accurate updates on scores, playing dates, and information is a very helpful tool for all coaches across the state.  Thanks for all the work you guys do.”

Tom Paris – Former Head Coach: “Chris Hughes has been an extremely positive addition to high school football via (although, not exclusive to) CarolinaPreps.  Mr. Hughes provides a working platform in which we’re able to inform & be informed about high school coaching, as well as the promotion of our student-athletes & our programs.  He is gracious enough to share profound insider football knowledge – without divulging confidential information; fully ensuring ALL gossip is prudent, sound, & respectful in its speculation.  Chris operates with & maintains the highest level of integrity – he networks incredibly well (in both N. & S. Carolina), providing thorough, relative, & comprehensive insight to supplement all his information.”

Brian Paschal – Head Coach at Bear Grass Charter High School:  “I am a huge Carolina Preps fan!  The website offers easy access to the vitals; scores, stats, and conference standings.  The news portion is easy to scan and read.  It’s perfect for a coaches’ busy schedule.
The forum is a necessity for coaches that want to stay abreast of the latest news and viewpoints.  I find the posts to be both informative and insightful. Great website for High School coaches!”

Randy Pinkowski – Former Head Coach:  “As a coach, Chris Hughes and Carolina Preps is the only website, media outlet, and reporter that I trust.  I feel Chris has always been fair, honest and unbiased.  He and his website have been designed to help coaches and portray our schools and programs in the most positive way.”

Martin Samek – Head Coach at Parkland High School:  “I like using the Carolina Preps site becuase it has a great forum, it has great information as far as job postings, teams history, stadium pictures etc.  Chris Hughes and staff have done a great job to get as much information out there to fans and coaches about high schooll sports, I read it every day.”

Adrian Snow – Head Coach at West Forsyth High School:  “Chris Hughes and the Carolina Preps team does a great job assisting the high schools when it comes to sports and the athletes involved in North Carolina. As a football coach, I have noticed how he particularly does a great deal of work to help the high schools promote their athletes in a professional way.  He is a big advocate for sports in North Carolina.  The website he has is well maintained and runs on a high standard.  We in North Carolina should be very appreciative to have Chris and his website as a part of the North Carolina high school sports community.”

Bryan Till – Head Coach at Richmond High School:  “Carolina Preps is an invaluable resource when it comes to promoting high school sports in the state of North Carolina.  Chris Hughes understands the ins and outs of high school football better than anyone and is a great resource for all the coaches in the state.  He does all he can to help us and understands all of our demands.  Because he makes us better we can do better things for our kids and that’s what high school sports are about!”

Greg Watford – Head Coach at Southeast Halifax High School:  “Having recently completed my 30th year in the coaching profession I have witnessed many trends come and go.  I have spent many hours studying the game in an effort to hone my craft.  I have also witnessed the passions that high school football arouses in communities throughout this state.  When I first began viewing Carolina Preps I was astonished not only with the insightful coverage of all aspects of high school football that Chris and his contributors provide, but also with the way Chris’ passion for the game and all of those that it impacts shows through in his coverage.  And now with the expanded Coaches Corner, Chris has done it again; providing a one stop spot for a myriad of coaching tools and helpful information all at the click of a mouse. Thanks Chris for making a great site even better!”

Todd Willert – Head Coach at East Forsyth High School:  “Chris and the Carolina Preps team is the best in the business at promoting high school football in the Carolinas.  Very professional, trustworthy, and understands the the daily grind of the coaches.  Being a former coach himself, Chris has earned the trust and respect of the coaching fraternity and is one of us.”

Scott Young – Former Head Coach in North Carolina:  “Carolina Preps has really helped North Carolina football gain a lot of exposure and has done a wonderful job of promoting high school coaches and our programs.  I have known Chris Hughes personally since his days as an assistant coach in Rowan County and have witnessed the Carolina Preps website grow from its inception and develop into one of the most well known high school athletic sites in existence.  Once specific trait that stands out about Carolina Preps is how the website has brought North Carolina football coaches together.  I can personally attest to this.  Hopefully, Carolina Preps and North Carolina high school football will continue to grow together in the future.”


About Chris Hughes

Chris Hughes isn’t just another fan who created a website, or a writer who passes himself off as a recruiting guru, he’s spent nearly his entire life around the game of high school football.

He’s been in several coaching roles and at multiple schools to include South Rowan and Douglas Byrd.

Aside from his coaching duties, Chris is also a combat veteran of the U.S. Army, and has orchestrated several football camps that focused on teaching, technique, and life skills mentoring.

Today he uses his platform as a voice to promote coaches across the Carolinas and help provide the resources for them shape and mold tomorrow’s leaders.


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