Coaches Moving Van keeps on moving

Spring is always the season of rebirth and the same can be true in high school football where schools and coaches alike are looking for new beginnings. Now that the month of April has arrived, we’re starting to see a lot of the schools with head football coach openings fill those positions with new coaches … …

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A call for help and prayers for West Rowan’s Scott Young

In the football coaching fraternity, it’s common for coaches to refer to one another as brothers. It doesn’t matter that on Friday nights they want to beat opposing coaches as badly as possible, because they all share a common goal, helping young men become the best students, athletes, and leaders that they can be. High … …

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What’s your favorite high school football memory?

As we all know, there is so much more to high school football than just the action on the field. While technically classified as a sport, it’s treated more like a religion than a mere competition. No other event in any town or community can bring together every race, religion, and social class like a … …

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