About CarolinaPreps.com

Launched in 2007 by Chris Hughes, CarolinaPreps.com is an independent high school football media website that’s roots began in 1999 with inception of NCHSFootball.com, one of the first high school football media websites created in the Carolinas.

CarolinaPreps.com’s team of correspondents offer fans an exclusive look into the world of high school football.  With our newly designed website that is specifically designed for today’s mobile devices, you can now access CarolinaPreps.com anywhere at any time.

CarolinaPreps.com Features:
1.  An innovative new website that is easy to navigate both on your personal computer or mobile device.
2.  Interactive message forums to give fans the opportunity to chat and correspond with fans of other schools.
3.  The Coaches Corner private message forum just for coaches.
4.  Team information pages filled with tons of current and historical data including scoreboards, conference standings, and historical scores.
5.  The CarolinaPreps.com Stadium Project, a feature unlike anything else you’ll find in the United States, the Stadium Project is a collection of high school football stadium photo galleries from across the state.